Review of Square 2 Rough Relief (Fairway Woods)

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Square 2
Rough Relief

graphite shafts, metal heads, square two grips.


Shaft length is just right, the shaft stiffness is also where I like it. Having owned them for years, they are showing the wear but still pass for good looking clubs. I can not hit my driver off the tee, therefore I hit the 3, and consistently equal or better the drives of my fellow players. Many times the 3 will give me the low but long trajectory that means distance, when fellow golfers are hit high and yet the same distance.


I have just decided that I need to learn to hit my driver, so if there is a down side, it would be that I can't find an Square 2 driver to give me an extra 20 yards or so off the tee box.


Three months ago, when I was getting back into the game, my 3 and 7 almost took the place of every other club in my bag, except for the pitching wedge, bump and run 7 and putter.

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