Review of Srixon Tour Yellow Z Star (Balls)

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Tour Yellow Z Star

Same great quality as the white Z-Star ball, Long lasting performer.


This is the same great performing ball as the White Srixon Z-Star golf ball. Same great spin on approach shots. Same good distance off the tee. Same high quality long lasting tour quality golf ball. ONLY it's a LOT easier to see, both in the air and on the ground. I can track the flight on my ball much easier and for longer with this Yellos ball. I also know instantly which ball is mine, not more wondering which ball is mine on the green or off.


The stupid comments some dumb golfers make when they see me playing a YELLOW ball.


This in my NEW golf ball of choice. There are half a dozen excellent high quality Tour golf balls on the market. ALL of them are excellent balls for a golfer looking for Tour performance. This is the ONLY tour ball that is YELLOW. It's so much easier to see in the air and on the ground, that it's my first choice now. I honestly don't see much if any difference between the top Tour balls used today. This Tour Yellow Z-Star is just EASIER for me to see on the ground and follow in the air, that it makes the game more fun and easier to play.

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