Review of Srixon Z Star X (Balls)

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Z Star X

Excellent quality balls that hold up very well.


Same great spin on approach shots as the Z STar balls I've played. A little more distance off the tee which I don't mind. Slightly firmer feel on all shots. I get a bit more POP off the clubface on chip shots around the green due to it being a firmer ball, but nothing I can't get used to with a bit of practice time. They hold up just as well as the Z Star balls, which means they will last 18 or more holes per ball


Will take getting used to due to being a bit firmer than some other Tour balls I've used lately.


This is a firmer and longer carry version of the Z Star balls. Excellent quality balls that hold up well with great spin on approach shots and around the greens. If you like a slightly firmer ball give this S Star X ball a try, I think you'll be impressed. Good ball for windy conditions. Very impressive perfromance Tee to green.

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