Review of SunIce Hurricane Windstopper (Apparel)

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Hurricane Windstopper

Very well made and the fit is great.


The jacket is so well made and fits so well that I hardly notice I'm wearing it during my swing. It doesn't restrict my swing at all, so I can play shots and swing like it wasn't there. Totally water proof should it rain. I can un-Zip the sleeves when it warms up and wear it like a vest. Or I can take it off completely, my choice, depending on the weather.


Nothing not to like that I can find.


This not my favorite light weight golf jacket. I can wear it as a long sleeve jacket or zip off the sleeves and wear it like a vest. Very versatile. Excellent for early morning rounds when its cool when I tee off but gets warmer as the round goes on. Excellent wind and rain protection, but it doesn't get in my way during my swing.

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