Review of Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 (Grips)

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Super Stroke
Fatso 5.0

I golf quiet frequently, at least 3 times a week, and this grip has held up very well except for some minor wear on the top, but this could be due to my golf bag not having the pockets at the top not going all the way down and my other clubs hitting it.


I love the increased feel and control I have on my short and long putts. I have very large hands so the extreme size of the grip helps it to actually fit into my hands better than the standard or even midsize grips.


Has not helped me any with my mid-length putts, however I am consistent in my misses now from mid range, just cannot get the ball to the hole.


Overall I am very happy with this product because it has really helped my consistency. Before my Super Stroke grip I generally had 2-3 three putts per round, and now I am only having 1 at the most. I don't exactly make more putts, but my misses are a lot more manageable, and I have a whole lot more tap-ins now than I used too.

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