Review of System Q Golf Adrenaline #3 Hybrid (Utility Clubs)

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System Q Golf
Adrenaline #3 Hybrid

Seems to be very well made. Quality shaft and grip.


The S flex shaft is about the right flex, not soft like a lot of OEM installed S flex shafts. Good grip. Good ball flight when hit well.


The sole of the club has a Negative bounce angle, so it tends to dig in if you make any contact with the ground while hitting the ball. Not very forgiving of mishits. 1/2 Inch face offset looks very weird to me. Small club head looks too long heel to toe, but short front to back.


Due to the negative bounce angle of the sole, this is not a forgiving club to hit off the ground. IT will dig in if you make contact with the ground, causing a big lose of distance. If you can Pick it clean, you will get good distance and a nice high ball flight. Would be better for soft fluffy lies in the rough than from the fairways.

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