Review of TaylorMade 200 13* 2 wood (Fairway Woods)

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Scott Atkins
200 13* 2 wood

The cosmetics, construction and quality, even down to the headcover of this Taylor Made screams class and quality. It's really a nice looking wd.


This club meets both my performance criteria demands. It's trajectory is strong, it gets up quickly and easily from the turf under all types of lie conditions. I've even hit it many times from the rough. How many other 13*s can you say that about. When I hit it in the middle of the clubface from the tee it is nearly as long as my driver which makes it a great alternative on tight driving holes. I hit it 255 in my last round off the tee.


There's really nothing I don't like, however, personally I could use a little lighter shaft than the steel. I'm 46 now and toward the end of rds. on hot days the heavy shaft sometimes becomes a swing tempo issue. But I definately have a tempo problem with graphite shafted fairway wds. so I guess I'll stick with the lesser of 2 evils.


The bottom line is: If you want a looong, straight, forgiving, versatile fairway wood look no furthur than the Taylor Made 200 series 2 wood. There has to be some reason the pros are all playing it(besides the money).

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