Review of TaylorMade 200 (Irons)

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Construction and is superb. Can't really go wrong with TaylorMade products.


The feel of the club during the swing is smooth and feels like an extension of your arms, as it should be. Downswing is smooth and again feels like an extension of your arms. Ball flight is high (higher than my Big Berthas). And since the loft is stronger than my Big Bertha irons, I had to recalculate my distance per iron all over again. I'm hitting 1 club stronger than the BB irons, which makes sense due to the lofts, but also higher. The sweet spot is pretty much the entire clubface, even at the very toe of the face! I was really impressed with the trajectory of a major mishit, thanks to the tungsten weight inserts on the back of the club.


I didn't like the initial high price tag of the set. But since I got a really good deal from the pro shop, I can't really complain. The shaft is black, like a graphite shaft. So people still think I'm using graphites. TM could have done away with the black paint to help lower cost.


These clubs are fantastic for the high handicaps and those who have trouble getting the ball up in the air. Also good for those who tend to mishit. It was a tough decision between the TaylorMade R7 CGB Max 2008 and the Callaway X20. But TM won my money, this time.

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