Review of TaylorMade 200 Series Sand Wedge (Wedges)

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David Wood
200 Series Sand Wedge

First rate. High quality 431 stainless steel (whatever that means) and the impact pad are excellent. Striking the ball sends shivers down your mates spine. Everyone knows when you've hit solid and this club sounds like a million bucks.


I like the rounded (they call it radiused) sole. It really helps me to not dig in as I have a tendency to get behind the ball a bit - even more than you're supposed to when in the sand.


There's nothing to NOT like. It's a quality club for a great price. I just wish I would have purchased all Taylor Made irons. I could use the forgiveness everywhere on the course, haha..


If you're looking for a sand wedge under $100, look no further. I couldn't be more pleased. I'm seriously considering replacing my irons with the Taylor Made 200 series set now that I've been playing this wedge for a few rounds. I love it!

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