Review of TaylorMade 300 Ti (Drivers)

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Mike Gianetti
300 Ti

Construction is solid, it feels like a complete unit in your hands. Weight is well placed and over quality is quite high.


I had been using an old (really old) Taylor Made Burner. It had a very small head and I like that. The 300 has a small head (by today's standard) and does not feel like a pillow on a stick. The S-90 shaft keeps up with my full swing speed and has great feel. The club was easy to learn to hit good clean drives. I just like everything about this club.


The price. I am seeing too many drivers out there that are getting $300 to 500 price tags on them. I was happy to pay $200 but I would not have paid $300 for this club.


This is a great club! If you have been looking to improve your game from the tee box this is where to start. This is not a beginners club though, you need to have the mechanics of your swing solid.

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