Review of TaylorMade 360 Irons Steel Shaft/Right Hand 3-PW (Irons)

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360 Irons Steel Shaft/Right Hand 3-PW

These clubs are so well built that I don't think they would break if I tried. With proper care I bet they will last a lifetime. Good clubs aren't cheap, and cheap clubs aren't good.


I love the design and look of these clubs. Although I am still a novice golfer, people look at the clubs and they know I am serious, thus garnering more respect on the course. These clubs hit extremely smooth when used properly. They feel good in the hands and even when I mishit a ball they go somewhere in the general direction I was aming.


I would not necessarily call this a bad thing, but these clubs really promote right to left flight. I guess some would call it a hook, but it really arcs the ball. Also, while the short irons (7-PW) make me feel very confident, the longer ones don't. But then again maybe that's just me.


Try these clubs if you're ready to get serious. Try lots of clubs like I did, and make the choice right for you. This was my choice and I am very happy.

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