Review of TaylorMade Burner Tour (Balls)

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Burner Tour

Eacellent quality ball, excellent durability.


Excellent durability, I played 18 holds with ONE ball and it looks as good as new, Should be a few more 18 rounds in with this one ball if I don't lose the thing. Good distance off the tee. As good as any ball I've used to date. Nice feel at impact when I do my part. Solid hits feel soft but solid, with a good sound.


Not the most spin with approach shots for me. I had a Lob wedge shot from 108 yards out roll off the back of the green, which I didn't appreciate after the ball landed just short of the flag and right on line. Very high ball flight so it wasn't a mis-hit shot at all.


this is an excellent ball in the 2 piece market. Not as much spin as a true Tour quality ball, but I don't expect that from any 2 piece ball. Well worth a demo if you are looking for a good ball that will last for well over 18 holes of use.

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