Review of TaylorMade Corza Ghost (Putters)

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Joe Golfer
Corza Ghost

Excellent quality.Even the headcover is excellent, as it slips on very easily, and it has a flap that flips over and stayes closed with a magnet, so it works much better than the headcovers for my Odyssey and my Nike mallet putters.


I normally use mallet putters anyway, as I already owned an old Odyssey Dual Rossie and a fairly recent Nike OZ putter.The white color is pleasing, and the putter does give very good lag control for distance.The feel is soft. The putter head is aluminum, making feel soft. I think the face is titanium insert.Grip is a Winn style grip, though it is not one of the big oversized styles. Grip is black and grey with white lettering.


Nothing to dislike about this putter.


This is an excellent mallet putter, with a great feel to it.The white color is appealing.I can't really tell if the grooves on the face are effective or not. They are meant to start the ball rolling sooner rather than skidding first, but one cannot tell that with the naked eye.

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