Review of TaylorMade Firesole (Drivers)

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Brian Johnson

Taylor Made is a great golf company so we all know quite a bit about it. The normal Orangish head with a Bubble shaft. The grip is soft and feels good.


I'm left handed so i got real lucky in finding a 10.5 degree with a TS-100 graphite shaft. What i wanted. I've only had this club for 2 weeks but i've never hit a driver this straight before. I've started using more PW and 8-iron's into greens. So far I haven't seen my score make a large drop but I don't expect it either. Only 2-weeks usuing smaller irons into greens i used to use 6's and 7's. I'll get used to it and my score should grab 39 a few times, which is my goal for the year.


I seriously havn't found anything that I don't like about this club. But since you've asked i'll mention one thing. The club was so lite it took a bit of practice to get used to. I don't think that's much of a bad thing because I can get past that with practice.


I haven't seen too many studies on drivers but i did see one where this club got a terrible review. They said it wasn't very forgiving and wasn't very long at all. I don't know how long they hit the ball but i've been hitting this thing over 250 regularly. Which i couldn't do before because I sliced my old one. If you want to spend a small about of money go find a store with the Firesole for $120. If you want a small amount of distance extra then go spend $400 on a Callaway or Nike. I'll still be hitting 8 through PW to greens just like you with your $400 club.

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