Review of TaylorMade R11 (Drivers)

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Seems like great construction. Solid feel at impact, grip quality seems great.


So several things stand out about this club.For one, the customize-ability if that's a word. You can switch about everything you can think of. The loft can be adjusted within a 2 degree window. The face angle can be adjusted. And the trajectory can be adjusted. So I went for the 9.5 degree so I could swing between 8ish and 10ish degrees of loft. My problem with my older driver (Cobra F Speed) was the ball went so high I got all carry and no roll. Especially when the ground was moist. With the R11, I have toned it down into the 9degree range and I get most overall distance because I get roll now.I also like the feel of the club. Good weight and feel during the swing and at impact it's easy to feel where you hit the club face. So the feedback is pretty easy to read.


Ok, the looks take a little bit to get used too. White shows more dirt and smudges than black seemed to do. But otherwise, it's fine.


Great driver for those who want to experiment to find the best combination of settings to reach the desired result on the course. To me it was worth the money. There are cheaper imitations of this but to me, it's worth every penny.

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