Review of TaylorMade R580XD (Drivers)

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Gary R.

Good. Fit and finish excellent.Stock shaft is just fine.


I waited a while to review this Driver on purpose. After two seasons, I am still in love! Great distance improvement for me, (20 yds, no B.S.)and quite forgiving. This is a neutral bias club, so my slice still shows up from time to time, which can be fine on some holes, but when I swing properly, I get rewarded with beautiful flight and distance. (220-230 yds average for me is REAL distance, no B.S.) The R shaft is quite soft, which suits my rhythm (read senior) swing.


The stock Taylor grip is velvet...expect to replace it in a season. No big deal, and you get to pick something else for fun, right?Othier than that, it's a Taylor. Well made.


Who needs to spend the huge bucks on this year's shiny offerings when these clubs are such a bargain? I've tried the R7 variants, along with several other brands present day offerings. No advantage, in all honesty.The 580XD is a really sweet Driver. It will be in MY bag for a long time.P.S. I went out and got their 3 and 5 woods in the same series, and love them too!

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