Review of TaylorMade R7 460 D (Drivers)

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R7 460 D

Typical Taylormade. Solid throughout. This driver DOES have a tendency to chip on severe mishits (a few on the rack had little dings where the face meets the crown), but of course the best solution there is not to mishit it that badly!!


Everything. The club looks more traditional (for this day and age anyway) at address, but has all the modern technology you could want. A high M.O.I. provides wonderful distance on mishits (I hit one between center and hosel and still got 215 out of it) and the sweet spot is large. Anything near the center of the clubface was out there 250, and that's great for me.


honestly, there isn't anything i can think of to pick on.The draw bias is substantial, but as long as i dont AGGRESSIVELY turn the clubhead over at impact, the ball flight is straight and i can even produce a slight fade by delaying the release.


Great club for a great price. I'm excited to get out there and put some real miles on this thing.

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