Review of TaylorMade R7 CGB Max (Drivers)

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R7 CGB Max

Quality seems very good. About what I expect from all the OEM clubs.


Nice looking driver if you don't mind the triangle shaped head. Looks just like the 2009 Burner. Feels pretty good for a light shaft R flex driver.For a light shaft driver, I did manage to hit this CGB very well. I demo'd the new 2009 Burner, and could see ANY difference in performance.


Club length was only 44-1/2', which is a little short for my tastes. Being used, it didn't come with the head cover or wrench for the weights. The swing weight was only C7, and it's real hard to feel the head of the club during my swing.


I was very impressed wiht how well I hit this light R flex driver. This is the first 45 gram shaft driver I've ever hit well. And the new Burner is just as good. Since I first hit this driver, I've pulled the shaft and did a spine alignment and FLO test on the shaft. I then installed the shaft with the spine toward the target to make it play a little stiffer. I added a shaft extension to bring the club length up to 45-1/4', a little more to my liking. I also replaced the worn out grip, and installed two 6 gram screw weights to the heel and toe locations. With the factory 1.5 gram weights, the swing weight was only D1. With the two 6 gram weights it came up to D7, which for me is much better. This is a very good driver, and well worth the price if you buy a used one. I think it's a lot better then the new R9 and a lot less money.

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