Review of TaylorMade R7 CGB Max (Drivers)

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R7 CGB Max

Quality of the driver is nothing less than expected from TaylorMade.


Since I'm a natural fader, I configured the weights in a draw bias configuration (16 gram at the heel, and 1-gram at the toe and back). I always liked the RE*AX shafts in Taylormade products, and this shaft is just as great, if not better. Swinging the club is really easy and confident, thanks to the shaft no doubt. Grip is comfortable. Contact with the ball sounds the same as the R7 460 driver. Ball flight is incredible. The ball literally flies off the face and goes up high. Might not be suitable for the pros or a windy day, but hey, you can always tee the ball lower. I really like swinging this club as it gives me the confidence to get the ball up into the air instead of worm burning. I'm sure it's all psychological, but it works for me.


There really isn't anything I don't like about this driver. Well, maybe the red or maroon colored crown could have been the usual TM black. Other than the crown color, I wouldn't change a thing.


Great product, great driver. Excellent results. Swing easy and watch the ball fly. I'd recommend this to anyone who has difficulty getting the ball up in the air.

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