Review of TaylorMade r7 Hybrid Draw 3W (Fairway Woods)

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r7 Hybrid Draw 3W

The club is solid. The head is weighted nicely and fit and finish is what you'd expect from TaylorMade. The weight used to create the draw is dialed in tightly and no chance of that coming out. Hosel is buttoned up tight. The whole thing is put together very well.


I love the feel of hybrids and I love how I can address the ball pretty much like an iron, and get the extra distance and solid contact regardless of the type of lie I'm stuck with. The shaft has a nice kick to it, and fits my swing very well. Over the years I've really slowed my swing down, in an effort to make better shots, so the added flex really helps me get the ball down there when I'm not taking a full or extended swing. The grip is comfortable on this club, and the head has a wonderful balance to it that has brought some consistency to this part of my game.


There's really nothing to not like at this moment. We'll check back in later when we have an update after playing this club for a while.


Overall, I've been very pleased with this club, but have yet to get out and go a full round with it. I've hit about a hundred balls with it so far at the range and it's very comfortable off the mat and off the FairwayPro divot simulator. Can't wait to hit it off the grass. Maybe this weekend!

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