Review of TaylorMade Tour 320 (Drivers)

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Tom g
Tour 320

I had the standard 320 model in 8.5 with proforce 65 stiff and was pleased but seemed to be hitting many drives low left. I have a natural draw anyway and understood that the standard 320 has draw bias in it (face is 1* closed). When I read about the tour model I wanted to see if that would fix my problem since it is set up square no draw bias. The model I obtained was 9.5* with the same proforce shaft 65 stiff as the standard model i had. The results were as I had hoped, much easier to work the ball and mabey a bit longer, hard to say for sure due to loft differences. As with any club change some time is needed for me to get the consistancy i want but so far great experience drives 10 to 15 yards longer that my GBB I had previously with little loss of control.


Well not a complaint but the head size takes some getting use to at 330 cc. My only complaint is with the headcover not the best in terms of quality i fear it will wear out and need replacement every year or so.


I am very happy with this club (for now until i hit a couple OB). if you have a natural draw then the tour model is a must but both the tour and standard are long and attractive looking clubs.

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