Review of TaylorMade Tour Burner (Drivers)


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Tour Burner

everything is great about this driver. i am very picky on my clubs and i mean picky. i hit this driver at the shop( i worked at dick's sporting goods at the time) i hit this driver and i loved the feel of it. the stock shaft is very deserving to be with this head it felt like i could not hit this club wrong. the head has a triangular head shape which enlarges the sweet spot and boy did it. i've hit it a few times and i know that i hit it on the toe or heel and it went straight with pretty good distance. at address the head shape is nice to look at. the black makes the head pop out but sort of makes it disappear when your hitting the ball. if you have never hit a large headed driver or the cgb max driver you will have to get used to the look but once you take a swing all the looks will be forgotten.


you can't make me. there is nothing wrong with this driver. the shaft is top notch and the grip is the standard taylor made grip.


very worth the money. i'm just glad that i got it the way i did.:)

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