Review of Technasonic Check-Go Ball Liner Pens (Accessories)

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Check-Go Ball Liner Pens

Well made and a good fit on the golf balls I've used it on. Good quality pens.


The Check-Go Pro uses a special size marking pen. I use red line to mark my golf balls, and blue for my wifes' golf balls. By getting this Ball Liner kit, I now have a pen that will work for both of us. The Ball Liner is also great for re-marking a golf ball during a round. During play the marking will wear off, so you need to re-apply it at times. Having the Ball Liner in my bag, makes this job very fast and easy.


Nothing not to like.


If you like to mark you golf balls for alignment and better performance, you'll really like this Ball Liner from Technasonic. It makes a great addition to the Check-Go Pro ball spinner. Great for re-marking your ball during a round if the original mark wears off due to being hit by the clubs. Because it's such a tight fit on a golf ball, you can also use it to see if your golf ball is out of round due to being hit too many times. Great addition to any golfers bag.

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