Review of TEF TEE TefTee Golf Tee (Accessories)

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TefTee Golf Tee

Very well made. Very durable and stiff enought to stick into hard ground which is important where I live.


Very easy to stick into the ground as the stem is pretty stiff and doen't bend like some other tees. Six contact points on the end of the tee makes it easier to tee up a ball compared to other performance tees. Very durable tees, I haven't broken one yet in 3 rounds of golf using nothing but ONE tee for my driver and ONE shorter tee with my irons and woods. Whete tee with black head is easy to find after the shot. Longer off the tee according to testing done on them compared to other high tech tees. Good bit longer than with wooden tees.


Nothing not to like so far


This is one of the best high performance golf tees on the market. Independent tests show a increase in distance compared to other high end tees by a few yards. Much longer than with wooden tees. My testing showed about the same distance as with the other high performace tess, but that's to be expected when the gain is only a yard at most with a driver. I sure can't see the difference out at 260 yards carry. What I can see is a GAIN in distance over wooden tees of about 5 to 7 yards, which is well worth noticing. Very durable and easy to use. Well worth the higher cost per tee both for the distacne gained and becasue they last so much longer the cost per round in much lower. Excellent golf tee.

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