Review of Tin Cup Ball Marking Stencil (Accessories)

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Tin Cup
Ball Marking Stencil

Very well made out of steel, not a cheap piece of plastic.


Very easy to use and with over 100 designs to pick from, there should be no problems finding one or more to suit your taste. I got the Stars and Stripes kit which comes with a RED an a BLUE Sharpie and comes with a nice cloth carry pooch, so I can take it with me to the course with ease. The design stays on pretty well during a round of play, but if need be I can re-do it using the stencil and markers. Great way to mark my ball with MY personal ball mark. Much nicer than placing one or two small dots on the ball. Now I have a small American Flag logo on my ball. Actually, I place TWO flags on my on opposite sides of the ball so it's that much easier to see them in the grass.


Nothing not to like.


Now you can mark all of your golf balls with one of over a 100 cool designs. If you like, you can use more than one design, it's up to you. College logos are available as well as lots of fun designs to pick from. Very easy to use. I place a red line around all of my golf balls usig a ball spinner. Not I use the TINCUP stencil to place an American Flag in Red and Blue on opposite sides of the ball, one on each side of the red line. The stencil is in the shape of a hemi-sphere, so it's very easy to align the edge of the metal with the line around my ball, so it's very easy to get the flags perfectly aligned on the balls. Very well made tool that will last longer then I will.

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