Review of Titleist 762 (Irons)

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Typical Titleist quality. That is to say top of the line construction and quality.


They have the cavity, low centered weighting, juiced lofts and thin face of a game improvement iron but combine those features with the miniscule offset, traditional size head and setup of a players club. All of which are features that fit my game and requirements to a tee.


While no cast iron can really match the feel of a good forged iron, I do think that the 762's have a great feel when nutted, and don't kill you like forged when you miss. To me the biggest difference between the feel is the disparity between a well struck ball and one where you have missed the sweet spot. The difference in the fell of a well hit or a poorly hit ball just isn't as great as with a forged club. But with use you certainly are getting enough feedback through your hands to let you know what is going on with contact. And a well struck ball feels and sounds pure.


In short, a set of well made, great feeling irons that anyone from a single digit handicap to a 18 could make work for them, great sticks!

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