Review of Titleist 909D2 (Drivers)

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Top notch, its a titleistfor crying out loud! Perfect in every aspect.


As with all titleist drivers/woods when you hit it flush it will be long. I switched from a 905r to this and don't really think I gained anything as far a distance but accuracy was a bit better with it, and I'm sure when I get more used to it ill gain a few yards.Amazingly clean and simple, no distracting colors or pictures, its a players club through and through.


The sound! It is very muted compared to the 905r. I loved the sound of my 905. I wish this was more like it. The stock Voodoo shaft although it specs out the same as the Voodoo s6v leaves a little to be desired as I get some ballooning as the end of my ball flight.


I've already ordered my UST V2 to replace the stock Voodoo, I think when I get rid of the ballooning ball flight I will gain some distance. This is a. Very very solid driver and an improvement over everything I've had except my 905r, I think when I have it re-shafted Ill fall in love with it all over again. At $400 I'd wait to find a deal, but if you can get it for a good price you'd be crazy not to.

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