Review of Titleist 975D (Drivers)

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Top notch Titleist quality.


I made the mistake of having this club cut down to 43.5 inches for more control. The feel of this club is just as the other 2 reviewers stated. I lost distance with the shorter length but the driver is consistent and has a fanatastic feel. I love the bend point of the shaft and the ball pops off of the face with a muted sound. I am looking to move up to a 460CC bomber and would like to know the manufacturer of the stock shaft. I would recommend the 975D to anyone looking for control off of the tee. The club is straight and forgiving if you stay at 80-90% of your swing. It is light and feels real good in your hands. The head is only 260CC but looks a little bigger.


There is really nothing to dislike about this club. It is older technology that still works. The quality is 2nd to none. you can pick one up on Ebay for dirt. It is nice to have when your longer driver goes astray.


As I mentioned earlier, pick up one on ebay used real cheap as a backup. Even the 975J etc. are woth it.

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