Review of Titleist 975D (Drivers)

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When I got this club it was in exquisite condition. The finish has stayed true through bad shots with no chipping or scratching. This club has a great feel when swung smoothly.


I pretty much had instant feedback from this club. The ball came off of the face hotter and it did fly quite a bit higher than the D. My impression was that the ball flight was closer to a 3 wood with the long range of a driver. I decided on a 9.5 degree J which hit the ball much higher than my 9.5 degree D. I found my "targets" at the range more often than I did with the D. I am not a player who can choose to shape a desired shot, but with the J I found that I could hit right to left shots quite easily. I rarely hit slices anymore when I miss. I usually miss with hooks.


I had to experiment with shafts before settling on one that I liked. Make sure that you know what type of shaft your swing requires. Steep swings will produce quite high, almost ballooning shots. This is no good when hitting into the wind. Sometimes, when trying to draw the ball, I get big hooks as a result.


This is a very solid, consistent club which can be played aggressively, with excellent results.

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