Review of Titleist 975D (Drivers)

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Steve Schmid

This club is a cast titanium head that is 2 or 3 pieces. All I know is that the crown is bonded to the head. This is a very good looking club at 260 cc's. This is a very high quality product there are now chips or scratches and it is just an all around sound gof club.


Wow there are so many things. Well first off the feel of this driver is amazing when you hit a ball solid it feels just like presimmon. I also like how Titleist offers a number of different shaft options like UST, Grafalloy, True Temper. This club is very workable. I am a 4 handicap so I can fade or draw it on command. The last and final thing is how consistent and straight it is. I can always rely on it when I need to split a fairway on a tight driving hole.


The only thing that I dislike is that it is not as long as some of the newer clubs.


This is a club for low to mid handicap golfers who want a lower trajectory. Great feel great workability and great looks. Pretty good distance( could be better)

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