Review of Titleist AP2 714 Irons


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Scott Rushing
Titleist AP2 714

Top notch. Solid feel.


The Titleist AP2 714 Irons are precision engineered for optimum flight and distance, with increased forgiveness to help you hit it close. They provide more carry distance and a longer flight with trajectory control from higher-launching, low center-of-gravity (CG) long irons and compact, flatter-launching short irons.

"AP2 provides the serious golfer with Tour-proven performance and looks, and with innovative tungsten weighting for precise iron play." - Dan Stone, Vice President, Research & Development

Intended for better players, the forged AP2 714 irons feature tour-proven profile with progressive weighting, face thickness, and sole widths, with superior appearance with a satin polish playing position with bright polish cavity highlights. The 714s are an evolution of prior irons, refining certain aspects of the clubs rather than an entirely new set of irons.

These clubs are gorgeous and feature a new pre-worn leading edge that reduces digging at the point of turf entry, and increased camber (more in the short irons) that helps control divot depth to allow a smooth entry and release from the turf for a more playable sole.

These clubs provide remarkable forgiveness even though they are players clubs. The reworking of the cavity back and weighting on the heel and toe cavities (both the cavity depths varies and tungsten weighting varies depending on the club) really improve the forgiveness and stability of the club on off-center hits


The stronger lofts on the AP2 714s does make it seem like the clubs provide more distance than another set. because the lofts are stronger, you may find you need to replace other gap wedges or lob wedges to keep your loft gaps consistent. Also, these clubs are not inexpensive. Definitely test them out before you buy them.


Great players irons for the low single digit to high single digits handicappers. Gives you the ability to control the ball while also providing a degree of forgiveness for those less than perfect strikes.

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