Review of Titleist Pro Trajectory 904F (Fairway Woods)

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Pro Trajectory 904F

The construction looks good it has an awful sound to it even on good shots but that is not really a problem.


The club looks very sleek and sets up nice. It gets the ball in the air in a hurry and I like that. I bought the club to use at a course that requires a lot of shots over hazards from long distances. If hit correctly the club can do that. It cuts through the rough real good and gets the ball out and up.


It is hard to hit this club consistantly. I have practiced with it quite a bit and it can be frustrating. I have never had a club that I was this inconsistant with before. I like the way if feels but that is a problem because even when I hit a bad shot if feels good. I have a tendency to hook it or sometimes everything looks good but the distance is off by 20 yards and it is not because I am not hitting it flush.


I am going to sell this club it is costing me shots on the course and after a year of trying to master it I am giving it the boot.

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