Review of Titleist PT 15 (Fairway Woods)

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PT 15

Every Titleist club I've ever hit was high quality. I'm not a fan of their irons, but everything else is top notch. Even though the design of this club is a decade old the performance is still on par with the new stuff out there.


The feel of this club is truly amazing. The trajectory is penetrating and the ball flies off of the clubface. I like the small head of this club. To hit a good shot, you must swing within yourself. If you swing as hard as you can you had better have perfect hand-eye coordination. I can work the ball any way that I want to and the feedback is incredible. The sound when hit is, what I beleive, absolutley perfect. I hit it usually around 260.


When I'm not swinging well this club will not be hit off of the ground. It is not a "game improvement" club. It's easy to miss the sweetspot (since it has a small head) and consequently distance suffers.


No wonder this club is still popular on Tour. Feel, workability, and distance are all superb. I'm very glad Titleist decided to re-introduce the line of PT woods. Finding one was getting pretty tough.

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