Review of Titleist Scotty Cameron Circa 1962 No. 1 (Putters)

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Scotty Cameron Circa 1962 No. 1

The putter is very well made. Unforunately like most putters they are too long for me so have them shorten. You can order this putter and have a specific length of the shaft made so you can have the correct weighting.


I had the putter shorten to make it more appropriate for my height and game. The ball comes off smoothly and very true.


I am not a very good putter and the putter did not set up well to my eye. I had a hard time trying to get a good line with the putter. The putter is a lot of up keep and the head needs to be taken care of very well. I was recommended to use baby oil to keep it slick and smooth. I felt like it was too much work for a putter.


It is a nice putter but not right for me. It has a blade head and has a specific feel. Make sure you like the look and feel of the better before you purchase.

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