Review of Titleist Scotty Cameron Detour (Putters)

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Scotty Cameron Detour

Construction seemed pretty solid. Sleek but solid.

Pros: this was really my first Scotty Cameron putter so I didn't know what to expect other than every putt falling into the cup. This is an odd putter design but hey, it's a Scottie so it's gotta be good. The feel of the putter was good, it was well weighted and when the putter face hit the ball, the feeling was solid. Getting the ball to go a good distance wasn't too hard as the ball seemed to release off the face pretty well. Putts always seemed to get to the hole.


The fact that the back end of the putter wasn't straight bugged me. So I understand that the putter shape (the back end of the mallet is bent to reflect the proper swing path for putts) is supposed to show the player the intended line the putter should take going back, but still, it was distracting. It's almost like you think about it too much instead of focusing on your putt.. So to me, it wasn't a helpful design.


For me, I like a more symmetrical putter head; this design was just a little too odd for my tastes.

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