Review of Titleist Vokey SM60.08 (Wedges)

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Vokey SM60.08

Construction is Titleist, need more be said. The club is mild steel, but this is a give and take relationship. I believe this is what gives the supreme performance to this club.


What I like about the Vokey spin mill, this one in particular, is that I can use a variety of shots from 85 yards in and have confidence in what the ball is going to do. By altering my swing and ball placement I can run the ball to the hole, stop it on a dime or hit past the hole and draw the ball back. I have never had this range of shots available to me, on hard or softer greens. I really like the weight of the head, although it is not too heavy, it makes you feel the swing of the club and gives excellent feedback when the ball is struck.


I bought the club, off the shelf and my size and swing allows for me to do that. The only negative, and this is a small one, is that the grip can be better than stock. But that is a personal preference to any specific golfer. I like a firm grip in my scoring clubs for maximum feedback, so the stockers were OK for now.


Before I bought this club, I was hitting at greens; since I have bought this club I am throwing darts at the pin and have confidence in the result. I traded accuracy and results for scuffing the ball, as this wedge does tend to tear up a good Urethane ball when hit properly.

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