Review of Tommy Armour 845 FS (Irons)

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craig l barry
Tommy Armour
845 FS

Good quality. One of those little plastic things on top of the hosel came loose. What are those things anyway? The 845s did not have them.


Larger than average head size, big sweet spot that is hard to miss. Alignment stripe on back of cavity makes set up a breeze. For a forgiving club it is easy to manufacture shots when the situation arises, which it does fairly often for me. Higher than average ball flight. Feels like what it is, a cast cavity back club. I like the appearance which is very traditional at address.


TA 845s used to have the loft stamped on the club face, in addition to the number on the bottoms. These do not. I suspect the lofts are stronger than the old 845s, in other words, with a 43 to 45 degree 'pitching wedge.' You hit will these farther but that is not the name of the game.


Good clubs for the money. If you can't hit these well, consider lessons.

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