Review of Tommy Armour 845 V-31 Evo (Irons)


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Tommy Armour
845 V-31 Evo

In my opinion these are a excellent quality iron set available from the Tommy Armour lineup.


I was looking for a game improvement iron and the V-31 blades are exactly what I wanted. My old irons were oversized, which I did not like at all. I'm hitting my long irons much farther and more consistant. The feeling upon ball contact is very responsive allowing me to control the directon of my shot alot more then I previously could. They have a very thin top line making it easy to address the ball and line up your shot.


The only aspect of these irons I didn't like were the grips which I changed.


I'm vey happy with the puchase of these clubs. They have a great feel and look to them. They are a wonderful impovement club for someone looking to advance in their playing ability.

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