Review of Tommy Armour 845 V-31 Irons (Irons)

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Mike Moumoutjis
Tommy Armour
845 V-31 Irons

Construction and quality of the clubs is outstanding. Although you might want to make sure you don't let them stay wet. The back oxidize quicker with the matte finish silver paint they use.


These really are the sharpest looking club on the market. Their low profile, and well architectured cavity backs are quite the piece of art.Performance wise their low center of gravity has really assisted me in feeling the club on the way back to set my coil. This same low center of gravity packs a solid wallop on its way back down. If you get a chance, swing the EVO 3-iron at a golf store and you will feel a difference.The pitching wedge is a full blade, and provides great feedback and workability around the green. It has helped my game tremendously.Overall, like any club, they work as well as your swing allows. But they do provide you with enough of a sweetspot on the majority of the low irons to make up for your slight innacuracies. Forgiving and accomodating club.


The only piece I wish were a bit more improved is the club feedback on the low irons. The majority of the times on the low irons I don't need to look up to know where the ball is going. The 3,4,and 5 don't provide great responsiveness or sound off contact.True this is indicitive of most long irons. But they do such a good on the short irons, I'm a bit upset it doesn't carry over.


Great club. Great Price. If you plan on spending no more than 350 for a solid set of clubs, give these a look. You will be impressed.

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