Review of Tommy Armour One-Putt Putting Mat (Accessories)

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Tommy Armour
One-Putt Putting Mat

Good thick felt mat should late a long time. Plastice cup is made out of ptetty thin material and not that sturdy.


I like the fact that this mat allows me to practice putting from up to 9 feet. Most other mats are shorter than this one. Regulation size cup is good Very easy to roll up when not in use. Can use it at the office or at home.


This mat doesn't have an automatice ball return, so you need to use lots of balls if you want to putt more than one ball before you have to go get it. The felt is a little slow compared to the greens I play on.


This in NOT my favorite practice putting mat. The ball rolls too slow to give me a good feel for distance. The lack of an automatic ball return makes it slow to use if you want to practice a lot. Thick felt mat is a plus, as is it being 9 feet long, which is longer than others I've used. If you want to hit 12 putts with this mat, you need to have a dozen balls to do it. Okay but not great.

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