Review of Tommy Armour Silverback 845c (Irons)

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Master Blaster
Tommy Armour
Silverback 845c

forged irons, with a different forging process on the silverscot forged irons that makes is seem like they're cast, but they play and feel like forged when hit.


Great manufacture, looks and playability


not one thing.


Just a short comment to the fella that commeneted on his 845c's rusting. This should be an expected condition. The chrome on forged clubs is only a cosmetic overlay. Without the chrome, they would be like the Raw clubs sold by various manufacturers. After a lot of investigation, I found that the chrome overlay thickness is only 0.001 thick, which should be expected to wear with use. Once this area is worn, it's up to you to protect the forged metal underneath with a little cleaning and application of a corrosion inhibotor if being stored for a long period. The clubs actually grab the ball better once the chrome wears and while they aren't as pretty, they're more effective. the rust will come of with a little bit of buffing on a buffing wheel with polishing compound. having the irons rechromed will only make them less effective.

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