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Tornado Tees
Tornado Tee

Quality is excellent. Very well made. They hold up for a very long time One tee should last you for at least a dozen rounds of golf.


The Best thing about the Rip Tip Tees was that I got more Carry yardage off the tee, and they didn't break on every shot. The new Tormado Tees are every bit as long distance wise, and they last a real long time. I haven't broken one yet and I've hit dozens of ball with my driver off of just ONE tee so far. Easy to use, just stick it in the ground like any other tee. Easy for find if it should come out of the ground as it's half White and half Red or Blue or Yellow. The top half is flexible, so the tees stay in the ground most of the time, so I save a lot of time at the driving range because I don't have to re-set a tee for every drive.


Nothing to complain about with the tees. Only which they sold them in ALL of the colors that they show on their website rather then just 5 colors. They are a little too tall for use with a fairway wood or iron in my opinion. I hope they come out with a new model for use with my woods. I can see them adding a dozen or so yards off the tee with my woods.


This in my new FAVORITE golf tee. The Tormado tees allow me to hit my drives longer than with any other tees. I've tried them all, and the Tornade Tess are the best of the lot. Only wish they come out with a shorter tee for use with a fairway wood, as I know I would gain a dozen or more yards off the tee using the Tornado tees compared to any other high tech tees.

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