Review of Tour Edge Bazooka 320J (Drivers)


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Tour Edge
Bazooka 320J

Great quality and construction. However, the face can and does sometimes crack but Tour Edge has a lifetime warranty and replaced mine quickly and without any hassles.


I use a UST Pro 75 shaft and it comes with a Winn grip standard. I like the look and feel at address and the distance is incredible. I have never been able to work a club like I can with this one. I have a natural draw but I can fade this club at will. Due to this, I can play dogleg rights without fear which has helped lower my scores.


It took a while to get used to the sound. Also, I don't think this club gets reviewed enough due to the lack of name brand recognition.


I would recommend this club to any mid 80's and lower golfer trying to find a way to lower their scores with distance and workability. This is not for a high handicapper. It took me 5 to 6 large buckets of balls over a few days on the range to get the ball straightened out but I haven't regretted the results of my patience.

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