Review of Tour Edge Comp LX (Irons)

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Tour Edge
Comp LX

Well made . . . huge reinforced cavity-back, perimeter weighted. The club feels like an extension of my arms and hands . . . no harsh stings on mishits.


The Tour Edge LX clubs are just sweet playing clubs -- they feel feather-light in the hands and the sweet spot seems huge. I had to club down from the Taylor Made Supersteels I normally use at my favorite course . . . I got more distance with the Comp LXs. The fit. The feel. The distinctive 'click' on good hits. The clubs look like they should still cost hundreds and they're definitely competitive with the other big names. I'd recommend them to any player of any skill level.


What's not to like? These clubs are about as perfect as any I've played and trust me, I've played a lot of different clubs.


Bottom line? If you can find a set of these clubs, BUY THEM NOW. Don't fall for clones . . . get a real set of clubs. If you can find these at the same price I did ($79), it would be stupid to pay $179 for clones.

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