Review of Tour Edge HP5 (Drivers)

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Tour Edge

As I have said before, I have only used it a few times, but it seems to be a pretty good club for the money.


I just bought this club this past winter and have used it 2 times plus one practice day at the range. Moving from my old off-set bubble shaft driver, which I could not hit, the HP5 has definitely helped my tee shots immensely. I am getting about 230 to 250 yard drives right now as I am still working with it and trying to get my swing back.


So far, there is nothing about this club that I don't like. I am extremely pleased with it, especially for buying it 'off the rack'. I am now even thinking about buying Tour Edge's HP5 Iron set.


After putting my old driver away for a few years and switching between a 1 iron and my 5 iron for my tee shots, I am very pleased with going back to a driver and especially this one. If you are not into spending the money on the big named clubs, I would definitely recommend this driver.

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