Review of Under Armour HeatGear (Apparel)

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Under Armour

Well made shirt from high quality materials. Good fit.


The shirt body is nice and long so it stays tucked in during the swing and when bending over. Good fit in the shoulders, not too wide where the sleeve hang down off your shoulders. Bright red with black trim looks great.Decent moisture wicking qualities.


NOt as good at moisture wicking as my Antigua golf shirts. Partly due to the material not being as light weight nor as open of a weave. Black number 96 on the right sleeve looks rather dumb.


This is a good golf shirt. Not too heavy of a material as most golf shirts, but not as light as some other DRi weave fabics I've tried. Well worth the $20 I paid for the shirt, but I wouldn't pay the retail price of %55 for this shirt. If you are looking for a really good moisture wicking shirt, this is not it. It's okay, but not great. At full retail, I'd give it a 3, but at $20 I'll go with a 4

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