Review of VIVE ClubCrown (Accessories)

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Excellent quality both in the design that is printed on the material and the 3M material it self. They use the highest grade 3M material available and the highest print quality when printing the designs.


Lots of really nice designs to choose from. The material is the same 3M material they use on cars, called Clear Bra. The difference is the ClubCrown material is run through a printer at the highest setting to place a beautiful design on the under side of the material. The material covers just the crown of the club and is perfect to cover up any damage to the paint job on your driver, fairway wood or hybrid. Extremely nice looking and very durable. The material is light weight so it does not effect the weight or feel of the club enough to notice. Fast turn around time.


Currently not all designs are available for woods or hybrids, only drivers, so if you want a matched set your selection is reduced some what.


This ClubCrown application is a great way to customize your favorite driver or wood. If you have some damage to the paint on the crown of a club, this is the perfect way to cover it up and make the club look BETTER than new. Hundreds of nice designs available on their website, www.clubcrown,com to pick from. College logos, flags, you name it. Very durable material that last for YEARS on the front of cars, so you know it's TOUGH. You can either have a design applied locally at the company trained location, or you can ship your club to them directly. Check out their website for more information and a list of locations near you. The two clubs I had done look Beautiful. Excellent product and excellent workmanship on the installation. Highly recommended.

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