Review of Walter Hagen MS2 (Irons)

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PA golfer
Walter Hagen

The clubs are made very well with tight seams in their construction. The Aldila shafts are really nice quality and are used in many higher branded sets. So far I don't have any dents or paint chips in the hybrids.


First off, the look of the clubs is really sporty and will appeal to us flashy, younger players. Aldila shafts are really nice and the Regular flex clubs give me no pain in my elbow that I was experiencing with the other brands I tried. I really like the gradual changes in the club heads throughout the set. It almost feels like a 'pieced together set,' taking one club design from each of the popular sets out there. The 9 iron is a full cavity back and as the set moves upward, the club heads begin to fill up to a solid head. (the 5 iron reminds me of a Nike Slingshot) Added along to the set are two hybrid irons (3and4) that hit pretty amazing.


I was a bit unsure about the Walter Hagen brand and since they're a 'house brand' for Dick's Sporting Goods, they don't get much respect among the Callaways, Pings, and Taylor Mades that most people are carrying these days. But they're alot classier than the package deals you see there. You'll still need to get a putter and a sand wedge (for you beach goers). It's also really hard to find any information on these clubs. In fact I have found no reviews anywhere about them and it was hard to find out who makes the clubs. (From what I gathered, Walter Hagen is a brand made by Nicklaus golf and branded for Dick's Sporting Goods.)


Overall this set is well worth the money. I had the intentions of purchasing a set of Taylor Made R7 Draws with graphite shafts for an additional $300, however I hit as well with these clubs for half the price. For those of you on a budget, this set is a good deal and it leaves you to invest your money into a good driver. I have a Cleveland Hibore XL and it accompanies this set wonderfully.

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