Review of Wilson Ci6 (Irons)

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Stephen Alcala

Appear top-notch to me.


These irons with the regular taper tech shafts are quite forgiving. The 3-iron is so easy to hit with this set that there is no need to look at hybrids, as many golfers now are doing. Moreover, there are very few game-improvement irons with little or no offset on the market. I have a tendency to draw the ball, and sometimes I struggle with a hook, and so clubs with serious offset are not for me. Moreover, I have significant problems lining up clubs with significant offset. I was playing with Hogan Apex Edge irons, but they have progressive offset, and so the 3 and 4 irons in this set (sometimes even the 5-iron) were very difficult for me to strike consistently. The feel of the Wilsons is not as soft as the forged Hogans, but the club nevertheless provides relatively good feedback, they are just as workable as the Hogans, and more forgiving. Yardage is approximately the same as with the Hogans. The flight of the ball with these clubs is medium. The appear like player's clubs except that the topline is slightly wider than player's irons, and there is a small cavity-back on them. At address, it is really only the slightly wider topline that reveals that they are game improvement irons. The ci6 irons come with True Temper Taper Tech steel shafts; the ci7 irons with True Temper TX-105 shafts. Both shafts are 'flighted' shafts, meaning that the kickpoint in the shafts is progressively lower from the PW to the 3-iron. The ci7 irons seemed a fair bit lighter than the ci6 irons. Moreover, the ci7 irons seemed to launch the ball a bit higher than the ci6 irons, but I do not know if this is as a result of the shaft difference, the lighter weight of the irons, a difference in the ci6 and ci7 heads, etc. These clubs instill confidence, as even shots inadvertently struck closer to the toe travel approximately the same yardage, and straight. For only $200.00, my game has already improved noticeably with these irons. Most people don't even consider Wilson irons. I didn't consider them before reading that the newer ci7 irons won Golf Magazine's club equipment 'Tester's Choice for Game Improvement Irons' award, and therefater learned that the ci6 irons won the same award in 2006. I have hit the ci7 irons and they are slightly more forgiving than the ci6's but they are also slightly less workable. Both the ci6 and the ci7 irons are superb and they really should be considered by more golfers. I would recommend very strongly that they be considered by anyone with between, say, a 4 or 6 handicap and a 18 handicap, who doesn't require serious offset in their irons (on the high handicap side), or (on the lower handicap side)is not such a consistent ballstriker that using forged irons is a no-brainer for them.


There is little I dislike about these irons, although they simply do not have the feel of a forged blade. A word of warning though. I hit the ci7 irons with the stiff steel tx-105 shafts into the simulator at GolfTown and hit the 6 iron sometimes as far as 189 yards, and sometimes as short as 173 yards. Using the regular steel tx-105 shafts, however, I was back down to hitting the 6-iron approximately 165 yards, but I hit this distance quite consistently. I decided to buy the ci6 irons because they are slightly more workable (and were only $200.00), and I purchased them with the regular Taper Tech shafts for the distance control. I have never before hit the same club with stiff shafts much further than with regular shafts. Point is: don't purchase these clubs with the stiff shafts unless you've determined in advance that you have no problems with distance control using them. It could very well be that I simply don't have the swing for the stiff shafts, but how I hit them so much further than with the regular shafts is beyond me. I have hit the ci7 irons on the course as well, as a friend purchased them with the regular tx-105 shafts. I have not hit the ci7 irons with the stiff steel shafts on the course, to see if they are indeed longer than with the regular steel shafts under real conditions, or whether the distance control problem I experienced with the stiff shafts in the simulator is for real.


These irons are very forgiving, adequate in length and they are workable. For the right golfer, they are truly superb irons. Accordingly, they really should be considered for purchase by more golfers.

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