Review of Wilson Deep Red (Irons)

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Kirkland Pete
Deep Red

The quality of these irons is in keeping with all top line clubs. The finish is impeccable. They look good in the bag and behind the ball.


I have been playing these irons for the last month. I'm at least a club longer all the way through the set. The ball comes off the face like a rocket with a fantastic solid feel and a great trajectory. The Fat Shafts really do deliver more stability and accuracy. Even my miss hits are closer to the target both for distance and accuracy. I had given up hitting my 3 iron with my old set but the Deep Red 3 iron is easy to hit with the same solid feel as the rest of the set.


There is nothing that I dislike about these irons. I changed the grips to Winn W6 for the soft and slightly oversize feel, but I did this at the time of purchase and not as a result of dissatisfaction with the stock grips.


I did not initially think of trying these clubs. I was lucky that the sales guy was an ex Wilson rep because these clubs are awesome. On reflection I think that Wilson has really come up with something with the Fat Shaft. All the heads on the different sets of irons have the same game improvement features.... deep cavity, wide soles, large face, perimeter weighting. Only Wilson has the Fat Shaft and I think that's the difference.

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